Every year By Referral Only comes to the Washington DC area.  As a member, I find The Main Event to be refreshing and rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to meet other members in person, see what's working well for other agents, and to reinforce the things that I currently do for my clients.  Here are some photos from this week's Main Event:

Me and Hugo Robinson (Partners In Crime!  Hugo is having success helping his clients with Reverse Mortgages)

Me and Tony Aragon (I knew you could do it! Tony was practicing his referral dialogues, and during the Main Event called a past client and received two referrals!)

Me and Joe Scerbo (aka The CraigsList King!  Joe has helped me market my listings on CraigsList to find buyers for my sellers!)

Me and Teresa Hollingsworth and Teresa Wright (Taking it to a new level!  I had just referred some clients to Teresa H. a couple of months ago.  She was able to help them get their home SOLD before any other home in the neighborhood.  Teresa W. and I shared our experiences on working with foreclosures.)

So many times clients just don't know what great Realtors do behind the scenes.  When we network and share ideas, we get homes sold faster, solve problems (and often help prevent them!), and help each other grow professionally and personally.  Just over 70% of my business is by word of mouth and referrals from happy past clients, thanks to the teachings of By Referral Only.