Imagine the different things you could do if you didn't have to sit in traffic on your way in to and out of Washington DC.  Those days where the smallest sign of precipitation means a sea of brake lights.  The days when a disabled vehicle causes a normal intersection to be treated as a four-way stop.  The days when VDOT just has to be working on your route to work!

As Northern Virginians, we've all been there many times.  So when it comes to looking at real estate and homes for sale in Alexandria Virgnia, you can shave 30 minutes or more off your commute time by narrowing your search to homes near metro.

You could listen to motivational mp3s
and watch the latest podcasts on your iPod. 

You could actually sit down and eat breakfast at home,
instead of wolfing it down in your cubicle because you're late because traffic was bad.

You could catch some extra Zzzzzzzzzz's and snooze in a little longer.

You could spend more time with your pet.  Take your dog out for a longer walk.

You could have time for family dinner in the dining room, as opposed to going through the drive-thru.

You could have more time for yoga.

You could have time to work out and shave off those holiday pounds.

Spending time in traffic increases your stress levels.  When you're stressed, you age quicker, so is it safe to say that when you're looking at real estate for sale in Old Town Alexandria Virginia, and you buy a home close to metro, like this Colecroft townhome located at 540 N West Street, not only would it save you time, but it could actually make you look younger!

If you have time, or if you'd like to see if you can save time,
Stop by our Open House this Sunday, January 11 from 1-4 PM.
Colecroft at Braddock Road Metro Townhome For Sale
540 N. West Street Alexandria, VA 22314