Now that we are sheltering in place, let's take advantage of the down time to work on those household expenses.  Today, I'm going to show you how to Kill Bills.

  • Download the past two months of your bank and credit card statements.  I recommend printing them out so that you can mark on the pages and take notes.  If you're scrolling through them online, you'll be more likely to miss something that should catch your attention.
  • Download your free copy of the Household Spending Plan.  Courtesy of VHDA, this planning and spending worksheet is used in the Homebuyer Education Classes to help consumers learn about their spending patterns before committing to homeownership.  If you're a homeowner, perhaps it's been a while since you took a look at where you're money is going.  This tool will help.
  • Tally up and itemize all of your expenses.  Remember, every line items on your bank and credit card statements should be accounted for, even the ATM withdrawals.
  • Kill the bills.  Decide what expenses you can cut out altogether, and what can be trimmed.  Call your providers and negotiate better rates, or shop around for lower rates right now.  Try to find multiple ways to save.