9832 Bartley Court in Fredericksburg has Just Sold for $13,500 above the asking price!

It's slim pickin's for townhomes for sale in Fredericksburg for under $300,000.  This area has long been a popular destination for first-time buyers looking to make their hard earned dollar go a lot farther than what they can find in Woodbridge or Stafford.

My seller was a repeat client.  Having just purchased this home not even a year ago with the help of one of Virginia's first-time homebuyer programs, she was very excited, and had even spruced up the home by finishing the lower level.  A fully finished rec room was added, along with a new powder room that was previously used for storage by the former owner.  On the main level, she added all new stainless steel kitchen appliances.  Personal touches were added throughout the home.

Why the sudden move? Health reasons.  My client was having health issues and unfortunately, 3-level living was causing too much pain on a daily basis.  The excitement of having a separate bedroom area, a main level with two eating areas, and a lower level recreation room where she could relax in a totally different space after a day of teleworking, had now turned into struggle.  Even with a laundry room on the lower level, having to carry laundry up two flights of stairs with health issues was just icing on a beautiful cake that was no longer edible.

The decision was made to sell, and the marketing plan was initiated.  Like many homeowners, stage 1 was decluttering to show off the space.  Once the pre-market prep was complete, the professional photographer arrived to take the high resolution photos so that buyers would get a glimpse of this beautiful home online.

The Fredericksburg housing market is not as fast paced as Alexandria, but once this home went live in the MLS, the online showings were booked non-stop.  We received a total of seven offers.   The highest offer was above $308,500, but was asking for closing costs and a home inspection with the right to negotiate any possible repair items.  In a normal market, it's expected that a buyer will do a home inspection.  In fact, as a listing agent, I prepare my sellers for this and we often take that into account when setting the list price.  In this situation, my seller was looking for the quickest sale that allowed her to move, and to also limit the number of people entering the home.  So, multiple inspections was not attractive.  The winning offer had no contingencies. The buyer waived the home inspection, financing, and appraisal contingencies.  And, the buyer offered a free rent back to allow the seller time to get settled into her new home without having to move twice, or be out by the day of closing.  

9832 Bartley Court was listed at $295,000 and sold for $308,500.  Homeowners in Germanna Point who didn't sell last year have amassed a considerable amount of equity.  If you are curious about the value of your home in Germanna Point or Lee's Hill, click here for your free market value report now.  

For more information and to see all photos of the home at 9832 Bartley Court, click here.

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