Virginia First-Time Buyer Programs | Does Your Buyer Agent Know About Them?
Turning A 'No' Into A 'YES'

The Key To First-Time Buyer Programs

It happened once again!  I was able to help a first-time homebuyer become more knowledgeable about the opportunities that are avaialable with the Virginia First-Time Buyer Programs that are offered.

I received an inquiry from a buyer who was interested in my Arlington VA condo for sale at 4600 Four Mile Run Drive - Unit 505 in The Carlton.  Just a day too late, as my listing had already gone under contract, proceeded to qualify the buyer by asking the most important question when buying a home, "Have you been pre-approved by a local mortgage company?"

There was a short pause, then she responded that she had spoken to one of the big banks, and was told that she couldn't qualify for a home.  Being a first-time home buyer, she was interested in taking advantage of the $8000 tax credit.  I informed her about the Virginia First-Time Buyer Programs that are offered through the VHDA, and introduced her to my lender partner, Patrick Cunningham of Home Savings and Trust Mortgage (GO DUKES!), who specializes in VHDA loans.  Patrick was able to offer her a mortgage pre-approval with one of the VHDA mortgage loans and now she's actively looking for a new place to call home!

If you're a Virginia First-Time Homebuyer and would like to know about the different programs that are available, consider working with an Alexandria VA buyer agent who is familiar with the loans that may be avaialable to you.

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* - VHDA Homebuyer Tax Credit Plus Program (Extended) - use your $8000 tax credit at closing!

* - Other VHDA loans for Virginia First-Time Homebuyers (including zero down loans)

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