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Press Release - April 15, 2008

McEnearney Associates' market share in Alexandria continues to grow.

Despite the fact that the Alexandria office of McEnearney Associates, Inc. has been the leader in real estate sales, both in Old Town and throughout the City each year for the last 25 years, never before has the strength of their success been more apparent than in the first quarter of 2008.  Residential sales data for the quarter compiled from the Multiple Regional Information System (MRIS) showed that total sales in the City of Alexandria from McEnearney's office exceeded the combined total of the next seven offices of their competitor's ($73,692,000 to $73,168,000 respectively).  John McEnearney's vision, "to earn the respect of our customers and clients, and ultimately their recognition as the best," seems to be working.

This proves that even in a challenging real estate market, local consumers rely on our expertise to list, effectively market, and successfully sell homes.  It also shows that now only do we list more homes locally, but we are also successful at finding buyers for our listings in all price ranges.

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