With Monday being a Federal holiday, the week is definitely going by quickly, and I hope you're enjoying yours.

This week, I'd like to provide additional links to keep you posted on the housing market, both locally and nationally. For a national perspective, it seems like things are balancing out. Those buyers on the sidelines for a 'time-out' might be still on the bench once things pick up again.

I remember the drama of the sellers market, and how tough it was to get those buyer contracts accepted. And more often that not, I heard, "Man, I wish I would have bought when the market was slower." If you're one of those people who tries to buy in a seller's market, and sell in a buyer's market, give us a call so that we can provide you with the right tools to help interpret the market.

Here is an article from Lew Sichelman - Real Estate Market Turndown Nearing End... http://realtytimes.com/rtcpages/20061011_downturnend.htm

For housing reports for other metro areas: Click Here

For local statistics, visit the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors website at http://www.NVAR.com and click the 'Market Stats' link.

For free updates on whenever a home sells in your Northern Virginia neighborhood, or where your Northern Virginia rental property is located: http://www.FreeNeighborhoodUpdates.com

We already know that the land is scarce. So once the new construction builders have finally sold their loads of 'Immediate Delivery' homes at rock bottom prices, who's going to hold the cards...the homeowners, because they'll have the goods, and housing will be in demand again!

It's a great time to add real estate to your long-term portfolio! The time to buy real estate with little or NO money down, closing costs paid, and interest rates bought down...is NOW.

We'll be around this week for your real estate needs.