Happy Tuesday, I hope your week is off to a fantastic start and that you're looking forward to a bountiful holiday season.

We're about to enter the time of year where the pressures of the holiday season can entice people to make some poor financial decisions that will affect them in the coming year.

Don't wait until January 1 to start working on your wealth plan for 2007, start right now. Did you know that for many people, it can take until March to pay off the debt that they incurred from the previous holiday season? If you have a long list of gifts that you think you're obligated to buy, here are some helpful tips to encourage you to stay in control of your finances:

* - Write out your list ahead of time. This will tell you exactly who's on your list, and no matter who has been naughty or nice, you can plan ahead.
* - Next to each name, write the amount that you'll spend for each gift. This helps you to establish your spending limit.
* - Set aside the days that you'll go shopping. If you wait until the last minute, you might be forced to make impulsive decisions about purchases.
* - Purchase gift cards...no sales tax!!!
* - Don't charge it!!! If you can't pay cash, then don't buy it. It's too easy to whip out that charge card, and forget how much you've actually spent.

If you're renting now, consider a home purchase for the holiday season. Sellers who have their homes on the market now are very serious about selling, and willing to entertain all offers and negotiate. Closing costs contributions and other selling incentives can enable buyers to find an affordable home even though there may be months remaining on an existing lease.

We'll be around this week for your real estate needs!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!