Should I Sell My Del Ray Home During The Fall - A Seasonal Comparison

Have you been asking yourself, "Should I sell my Del Ray home during the fall?" The flowers may not be blossoming, but the when the leaves change, so does the Del Ray real estate market. Take a look at the market statistics for the previous two years for real estate in the zip code of 22301. Use your mouse to scroll over the different points in the interactive charts below.

You'll notice that the historical 'spring spike' is blatantly obvious for both years. For example, after stagnating at 11 home sales in January and February 2011, home sales increased in March to 19 sales, then dipped a bit down to 16 in April, and peaking in May with 23 home sales. The spring market of 2010 had a sharper spike in spring sales increase from 4 in March, to 12 in April, to 26 in May. But when you compare the spring market to the fall market, you'll notice a smaller upward trend in the fall.

In the fall of 2009, September and October had the same number of homes sold at 14, only increasing in November to 17 before declining in the winter. In the fall of 2010, homes sales steadily increased from 5 in September, to 8 in October, then 16 in November, and capping at 19 in December before slowing down. Now, lets compare with the zip code of 22305, which also includes Del Ray, Beverley Hills, and Warwick Village.

In the fall of 2010, home sales in 22305 were at 6 in September, then increased to 9 in October, and inched up to 13 in November before declining. In the fall of 2009, homes sales in 22305 went from 9 in September, to 11 in October, to 19 in December. Spring sales activity in 22305 was very vibrant.

So, should you sell your Del Ray home this fall? There's no time like the present (except spring time of course). But Del Ray homeowners should also feel confident about selling during the fall knowing that fall/winter buyers are more motivated by time and usually have some type of deadline that is pushing their move, such as a relocation and job start date, and the desire to be closed before the winter weather sets in.