Selling Your Home This Fall

My previous post on fall tips included some quick and easy steps for transitioning your home from summer to fall when preparing your Del Ray home for sale.  Many sellers think that waiting for the spring time will yield a quicker and more profitable sale because of the warm weather and landscaping.

Here are some additional tips to help attract Del Ray homebuyers from the outside in:

  • Rake debris away from the side of the house and other structures
  • Clean the gutters and downspouts, and check the roof for loose or missing shingles
  • Clean around the air conditioner compressor
  • Trim back any trees or shrubs that touch the house
  • Check repair caulk around the exterior surfaces, and along windows
  • Inspect and repair screens and doors, make sure all storm doors are secure to prevent cold air from coming in, and warm air from escaping
  • Clean out under decks and porches
  • Clean out basement window wells
  • Soften up your entrance by adding seasonal accessories like mums, pumpkins, scarecrows, and a new welcome mat

On the inside

  • Dust off and reverse the ceiling fans so that they blow up
  • Replace the batteries in all smoke detectors and test them
  • Test all carbon monoxide detectors
  • Replace air filters in the furnace, and renew your maintenace contract for your HVAC system
  • Change your thermostat ettings for fall/winter temperatures

If you're on the fence about putting your Del Ray Alexandria home on the market now, you may be missing out on the most serious buyers of the year.  Buyers looking now are motivated by time:

  • Now Buyers want to be in their new home before Thanksgiving so they can plan the holiday dinner in their new home
  • Now Buyers want to be in their new home before Christmas so that can open presents under the tree in their new home
  • Now Buyers want to be in their new home before the end of the calendar year for tax purposes
  • Now Buyers don't want to move during the cold winter months because of the low temperatures

Pre-approved home buyers who are actively looking for a Del Ray home for sale will be selecting a home within the next three weeks.  Make sure that you don't miss out on this highly focused group of shoppers.


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