Get Ready For Fall

In the Garden - Prepare the lawn or garden for falling temperatures.  Remove weeds, seed and fertilize the lawn, and plant any spring-blooming bulbs.  In areas where the ground freezes, consider mulching flower beds.  The mulch will protect plants when the weather gets cold.  Container gardens also should be moved indoors or protected from falling temperatures with a burlap wrap.

On the Patio - Clean outdoor furniture and equipment with a mild soap solution and water.  If possible, bring it indoors for the winter.  No room to store all that gear in the house or garage?  Wrap it tightly with a tarp or other cover that will protect it from the strong weather and the rays of the sun.

In the Garage or Closet - Store beach and camping gear away in the back of the garage or closet, since it won't be needed until next year.  Move fall sporting and yard equipment to accessible areas so they'll be within reach.

In the Entryway - Cooler temperatures mean warmer jackets and heavier shoes.  Don't let these items clutter up the entryway.  Carve out a space near the doorway to store them, if you don't have a coat closet, consider hanging coat hooks and setting out baskets or a shoe storage bin for the shoes and boots.

In the Clothes Closet - Comb through your family's closets.  Store summer dresses and tops to make room for fall wardrobes.  Now is a good time to make a donation to the local Salvation Army or thrift store.  Make sure clothes are organized and ready for the children to grab on mornings when they're hurrying to school. 

In the Bedroom - Fall temperatures also mean cooler autumn nights.  It's time to pull out the blankets that you've stored away in the spring.