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2016 Spring Homebuying Guide


What's inside the Spring 2016 Edition?

  • 4 Reasons to Buy a Home This Spring: Reason #1, if Alexandria VA real estate prices continue to increase, waiting can mean you'll be priced out of the market.  According to market statistics, there's only a two month supply of homes for sale.  That means you can expect competition from other buyers. You'll need to be armed and ready with your mortgage approval, and strategies from your Alexandria VA buyer agent to help you write a winning offer.
  • A look a real estate prices across the country. The Alexandria VA real estate market is very fast paced.  What's normal in Texas, may not be the norm here, just outside of Washington DC.
  • How mortgage interest rates impact the monthly payment of your home, and what you can afford.
  • Rising rents. Does the thought of renewing your lease at a higher price scare you? You owe it to yourself to see if you are able to purchase.  Compare the cost of buying a home to what you're currently paying in rent and see if it makes sense to you.  Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan does not obligate you to buy.
  • What you need to qualify for a mortgage? What should you expect in terms of a down payment? What about your credit score?

Just tap (or click) and go! No more waiting.  The spring real estate market is here and historically that means this is the season where the market favors sellers.  Will there be competition? How do I prepare myself to buy a home? What do I need to know about interest rates, financing, and getting a mortgage?

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you try to figure out everything yourself.  But, you don't have to. Download your free copy of my 2016 Spring Homebuyer Guide as a first step.  When you're ready to work with a top Alexandria VA buyer agent, just give me a call at 703-623-8759.

This easy to read guide is yours free!  No registration required, just click, open, and view on your mobile phone or tablet, or download to your desktop computer.


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