While many people looking to buy a home for sale in Old Town Alexandria VA or Del Ray start out looking at homes, smart buyers know that once they know their tastes and budget, the next step is to meet with their Realtor for an initial consultation.



The initial consultation serves many purposes both for the Realtor, and the consumer.  For the Realtor:

  • It provides me an opportunity to listen to your long term and short term goals
  • It gives me a chance to review the homebuying process to you from start to finish
  • It allows me to explain the different types of agency representation
  • It helps me to determine what types of homes can best accommodate your needs
  • It gives me the opportunity to provide you with different monthly payment estimates of homes that you select from the MLS, based on your approved mortgage

For the consumer:

  • It gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the homebuying process
  • It allows you to interview your agent to see if you will work well together
  • It helps you to see what homes are available in your price range by browsing the MLS and seeing how your Realtor searches the MLS for you
  • It gives you a chance to take a tour of homes to see what neighborhoods may be of interest

Buying a home is a big step.  And remember, getting pre-approved for your mortgage does not obligate you to buy, and meeting with a Realtor for an initial consulation does not obligate you to buy.  But these are two very important steps in your information gathering process.  Once you have determined how much you can afford, and have an idea of where you'd like to live, it's then time to meet with your Realtor to see what Old Town Alexandria VA and Del Ray homes for sale are available.

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