Lorton VA Short Sale Approved and Just Sold

8310 Middle Ruddings 8310 Middle Ruddings Drive, Lorton,VA 22079

Lorton VA Short Sales - Lorton VA short sale specialist Tamara Inzunza has facilitated the short sale for another home.  The home in Lorton Valley at 8310 Middle Ruddings Drive was a short sale and has just sold for $599,000.

Can I do a short sale on an investment property in Lorton VA?

Absolutely.  Short sales do not have to be restricted to primary residences.  If you currently own an investment property in Lorton, the first thing you should do is find out the value of the home to determine if you are upside down (negative equity), or 'right side up' with positive equity. The number of short sales in Lorton VA is small relative to the total sales, so make sure you hire a short sale listing agent who knows how to navigate the process.  If you owe more on your investment property than what is worth, you can still attempt a short sale, and the sale will be subject to the approval of your lender(s).

Can I do a short sale on my Lorton VA home if I am not behind on the mortgage payments?

Yes.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be behind on your mortgage payments to qualify for a short sale.  If you have an immediate financial hardship, or your hardship is in the very near future, such as you have received notice that your employment is being terminated, that is grounds for a short sale. Late mortgage payments will negatively affect your credit rating, so don't wait until you've missed a payment to contact me.

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