As we all coast along into this buyers market, we're finding that many of our buyers who are now actively looking, have a large menu of mortgages to choose from. In a time where seller and builder concessions are becoming more common, it is important to understand all of your loan options so th at you can get more house for your money.

* - Need a lower rate to buy but scared of rising interest rates? Consider a 10 year interest-only loan that then automatically transfers into a 20-year fixed loan at the same rate. This give you the chance to build equity and maintain the comfort of having a fixed rate.
* - Buying from a builder? Consider a loan with a longer interest-rate guarantee. If your new construction home will take longer than six months to build, this option can guarantee that y ou lock in at today's interest rate.
* - Need a year or two of breathing room before making full payments? Consider a fixed rate loan with an initial rate buydown. Take advantage of lower payments the first one-three years and the remainder of the loan is fixed. (Note: You can see this example with our listing at and in the right margin click 'Property Documents' and select the ' Financing Scenario' document).
* - In a high appreciation market and expect to move in 10 years or less? Consider the interest-only ARM loan with a longer amortization period, for example a 10/1 ARM. With interest only payments, you take advantage of lower monthly payments while your equity builds in a high appreciation market.
* - Are you a firefighter, teacher, or police officer, or do you have an income at or below the area's medium? Consider the Community Partnership loan commonly offered by providers like Wells Fargo, Wachovia, and Bank of America. These programs have low down payment options, and offer below market interest rates.
* - Want a traditional fixed rate, but need a lower payments? Consider the newer fixed mortgages that run for 40 years. Equity builds more slowly, but the rate is secure.

These are some of the ways that you can take advantage of owning a home. For more information, please contact us or any one of our lending partners lis ted on our website at

We'll be around this week for your real estate needs!