There no shortage of information online, but when it comes to understanding exactly what you need to know when you're ready to buy a home in Alexandria VA, it can be pretty overwhelming.  There's national real estate news, and there's local real estate news.  What about interest rates, what are they doing, are they going up or down?  Are home prices trending up or down?

Download my free guide today, with no registration required. It's a good starting point for things to consider when buying a home.  The Fall 2018 guide has topics including:

  • Is buying a home cheaper than renting?
  • You DO NOT need 20% to buy your home
  • Home prices over the last year
  • Why mortgage approval should be your first step

Even if you're not ready to talk to an Alexandria VA Buyer Agent, this free guide will help you get started. If you find this information helpful, please be sure to share it with a friend!