Duplex Home In Del Ray Duplex Home In Del Ray

Are you looking at homes for sale in Del Ray, and know you don't want a condo?  The single-family detached homes may be a bit too big and too pricey.  The townhomes or attached row-houses are ok, but you don't want an interior unit and you want the extra yard that comes with an end unit.  You should expand your search criteria to include duplexes for sale in Del Ray.

Duplex Styled Home In Del Ray Duplex Styled Home In Del Ray

I can only think of pros when it comes to describing the benefits of owning a duplex.  For starters, every duplex is an end unit.  That means instead of having a back yard that runs parallel to your home like that of an interior unit townhouse or rowhouse, you have yard space around your home from front to back.

Alexandria VA homebuyers love natural light, and with a Del Ray duplex you'll likely have more windows because of one additional exterior wall.

You won't have to feel sandwiched because with a duplex home, you'll have only one neighbor sharing a common wall.

Del Ray Duplex Home Del Ray Duplex Home

Do you love outdoor entertaining? Well, with duplex living, you'll have the option of creating more outdoor living space for you and your guests.

The home pictured here has a side screened porch.  This is usually not an option when it comes to interior unit townhomes because of the limited outdoor space.

We all know that parking can be a challenge in many areas, and homeowners appreciate the added convenience and security of parking closer to the front door.

Del Ray Duplex For Sale Del Ray Duplex For Sale

Some beautiful duplex homes offer in-front parking.  Many duplex driveways can fit up to two cars, leaving the street parking to guests.

If you are ready to buy a home in Del Ray and you’ve been excluding duplex styled homes in your Del Ray home search, you could be missing out on extra privacy, a larger back yard, more windows, and in-front parking.  Reconsider and expand your criteria, don’t have a complex with a duplex.

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