Del Ray BungalowWhen looking at detached real estate for sale in Del Ray Alexandria VA, one way to keep your home prices lower is to consder a bungalow styled home.

Many bungalows in Del Ray have been expanded to include more functional living space such as a family room, an extended kitchen, additional bedrooms, and a rear porch.

What distinguishes a Del Ray bungalow from other detached homes is that no matter how you look at a bungalow, they all have classic character.

Unlike the colonials, Del Ray bungalow styled homes usually bear the following characteristics:

  • Front steps to a front porch or covered entry
  • Bedrooms on the main level (a base framed bungalow was likely a two-bedroom home)
  • V-pitched roof with an attic, or converted bedroom, with a steep stairway from the main level

Because bungalows are smaller in comparison to traditonal colonial homes, they are usually offered for sale at lower prices.  Bungalows for sale in Del Ray can range from the high $400's, indicating a possible need for renovation, to the $800's depending on upgrades, additions, and lot size and features.

Many buyers searching for real estate for sale in Del Ray specifically seek out bungalow styled homes because of their more economical size and square footage.  You may not want all of the space that usually comes with a traditional colonial, but still prefer to be fully detached and on a level yard.

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