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Del Ray Bungalow For Sale


Even though the average days on the Alexandria VA real estate market is slightly increasing for homes for sale in Del Ray, sellers can still play a vital role in sprucing up the home for the anxious buyer to increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

  1. Get rid of clutter - there's no better way to show off your square footage and to showcase the openness of your home than to remove clutter from rooms, countertops, main living areas, and high traffic areas.
  2. Wash your windows - this allows more natural sunlight to come in, giving your home a bright and airy feeling that Alexandria VA homebuyers love to see.
  3. Keep everything extra clean - if you haven't discovered the power of the Mr. Clean magic eraser, you've been missing out big time!  It's great for removing smears and brightening up switch plates, outlet covers, doors, and frames. Wipe down tables and countertops eliminating crumbs.
  4. Get rid of odors - if you have pets, keep the litter boxes and pet beds fresh and out of sight.  Pet odors do linger, and nothing turns a buyer off quicker than bad smells.  Keep trash bins empty and lids closed.  Dirty laundry should be in a closed hamper.
  5. Use higher wattage bulbs - to piggy back on natural light, make your rooms brighter by using higher wattage bulbs, especially in the bathrooms, basement, and kitchen.
  6. Do the small repairs now - today's Del Ray home buyers are cash strapped and can be turned off by things that obviously need to be fixed right away.  Remember, when it comes to repair items, sellers think in hundreds...buyers think in thousand$!
  7. Get curb appeal - keep your yard manicured by trimming the grass, pulling weeds, and make the entryway attractive by adding some fresh potted plants.
  8. Patch driveway holes - apply a fresh coat of sealant too.  There's nothing like pulling up to a Del Ray home for sale and seeing that fresh dark blue sealed or smooth stain-free concrete driveway, what a way to show pride of homeownership.
  9. Clean your gutters - show your buyers that you don't welcome water leakage, keep gutters and downspouts clear.
  10. Make your house number visible - polish your house numbers and make sure your front door shines with a new coat of paint (buyers love a RED door!) and an attractive door knob or handle.

Are you serious about selling your Del Ray home and need more ways to make your house more saleable, your Del Ray Real Estate Agent should be able to give you at least 450 Ways to Get Your Home Sold.