No doubt that 2020 was one heck of a year for real estate.  We went through a lockdown, sheltering in place, more working from home, virtual schooling, and protective measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.  2020 forced people to actually LIVE in their homes, and the Alexandria VA real estate market responded with higher home prices, shorter days on market, and an inventory of homes that continues to dwindle.

In the midst of the continued chaos, my Winter 2021 Homebuying Guide will give you the information you need as your prepare to buy a home in 2021. There's a good chance that you'll be facing competition this year, so to help get you prepared to enter the market, this guide gives you insights to:

  • Why you shouldn't wait until Spring to buy
  • A new meaning for home ownership
  • How down payment assistance opens the door
  • Five tips for making a successful offer

And so much more.  To calm the overwhelm of browsing the internet for endless information, my Winter 2021 Homebuying guide includes helpful graphics, national and local data, and gives you an easy-to-follow diagram of the steps to take to own a home.

Download your free copy today, there's no registration required.  If you find the information helpful, please share it with a friend.  Get in touch when you're ready, and we'll put your home purchase plan for 2021 together.