Buying A Home In 2010?
Put The (Credit) Card Down And Nobody Gets Hurt |
Top Three Ways To Resist Over Charging This Christmas

Credit Card

We all know that when it comes to Christmas shopping, the best deals are yet to come.  As Christmas Day gets closer, you will see TV ads about 'Early Bird' deals, 'Midnight Specials', you'll start to receive more emails about special savings with a coupon code or discount code, and if you're following your favorite product on Twitter or if you're a Facebook Fan, you've probably started getting the tweets and updates on specials that are given to followers and fans only.

If you're thinking about buying an Alexandria VA home for sale in 2010, simply put the credit card down, and your credit score won't get hurt.  Here are three way to resist over-spending this holiday season and still give to your friends and loved ones:

  • Resist the tempatation to 'save an extra 10%-20%' by opening a new account at a department store.  Whether it's a new pair of shoes, electronics, or a shiny toy, allowing the department store to pull your credit may bring your credit score down.  Be sure to read the fine print on all of the credit card applications. Interest rates and late fees add up quickly.  One late payment, and you may end up paying twice as much for your initial purchase.
  • Send photos and electronic greetings to friends and loved ones.  It's no secret that lots of people are counting pennies right now.  Free photo sharing sites like KodakGallery, Shutterfly, Picasa allow you to upload your photos and keep in touch with family and friends.  Greeting card sites like 123Greetings and BlueMountain can also help you send virtual greeting without spending money on cards and stamps.
  • Don't keep your homebuying plans a secret, people will surely understand!  The $8000 homebuyer tax credit is a household topic now, and a great conversation piece at parties and gatherings.  If you tell people that you're saving up to buy a house next year, the last thing they will expect from you is an expensive gift.  A good friend or loved one will be supportive, and the mention might even get you a financial contribution!