School's out, but many adults are still working from home due to the coronavirus.  We started feeling the effects in March, the end of the first quarter, and we are now in the third quarter and adapting to a new normal.  Have you started to rethink your current situation and are interested in buying a home?  If so, be sure to get your FREE copy of my Summer 2020 Home Buying Guide.

While it may be hard to filter out what's happening with real estate on a national level, when it comes to Alexandria VA real estate, our spring market simply got pushed back to the summer.  That means, we're in the thick of it right now.

Be sure to arm yourself with the right tools to help you remain competitive and to help take the stress out of the process.  In this edition, you'll learn:

  • Why this housing market is not like 2008.
  • How technology is enabling the real estate process.
  • Four tips for success when making an offer.

This guide is completely free and there's no registration required, just click right here for your copy, and please share it with a friend.

When you're ready to find the right home, at the right time, with the right Realtor, please give me a call so we can put your personal success plan together.