As we wind down the summer months, it's still a popular time for those end of the summer vacations and getaways. It's also the time where homebuyers who have to make decisions before the school year hustle to find that home so that their children can register for the upcoming school year.

What's the best thing for you to do now if you have your home up for sale? The number one thing to do is to declutter. Show your visitors that not only is there space for your needs, but there is plenty of space for their needs too. Stock on the storage bins, and take advantage of shelving. Do your best to move items from the floor to the walls or closets. For the kids rooms, wall shelving is perfect for those books, CDs, and toys.

Get the clothes organized with do-it-yourself organizers, or have the professionals come in. I've personally used and they have a very fast turnaround, and are extremely affordable. Also, dark bedding makes bedrooms look smaller. Replace dark bedding with simple white or yellow bedding to brighten up a bedroom. And compliment the lighter bedding colors with simple sheer curtains. These quick and easy techniques will improve the showing condition of your home and will hopefully bring you a quicker sale!

We're gearing up for our fall influx of relocating homebuyers. And everybody wants to know: where's the best place to get a good haircut, where in this town can you get a good glass of sweeneted iced tea, and who can you call when you need help planning fun activities for the kids?!

If you can help please let us know!!! We'll post your reputable business and referrals in next Tuesday's check -in and we'll gladly include them in our relocation packets for our new buyers.

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