Alexandria VA Real Estate Market Update for December 2013
Sold Listings Bounce Back

Alexandria VA Real Estate - Before you dive into the market, it's important to understand the market conditions.  Once you understand how buyers and sellers are reacting, what the inventory levels are, and what's been trending, you will better equipped to buy or sell a home.

How many homes sold in Alexandria VA? There were 180 homes that sold in December 2013, the volume of homes was up from November's total of 151 homes.  Take a look at the interactive chart below and you can see that December's sales volume beat out three other month's totals, dispelling the popular 'slow month' myth due to the holiday season.  January's total was the lowest at 102 homes sold, February was the second lowest month with 140, followed by November's volume of 151.

How many homes went under contract in Alexandria VA? There were 111 homes that went 'pending' or under contract in December.  This was a three month downward trend for pending contract.  So, while more people closed on their new homes in December, as indicated above, fewer people actually went shopping and came to an agreement on contract terms.

What is the median sold price of homes in Alexandria VA? The median sold price spiked up to $508,250 in December, making it the first time the median sold price has reached over $500,000 since June.

How quickly are homes selling in Alexandria VA? Days on market increased for the fourth consecutive month in December.  On average, a home in Alexandria VA was sold in 47 days.   These numbers are close to what we witnessed in the early spring, with March and April's average both at 43 days.

 Are homes selling for their asking price in Alexandria VA? Home sellers finished the year strong, in my opinion, averaging 96.% of the original list price for their homes. December beat out January's year low of 95.4% and February's average of 96.5%.


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