Alexandria VA New Homes Buyer Guide - The Site Plan

When you're looking at new construction homes for sale in Alexandria, it's important to review the SITE PLAN.  Some things to know include:

  • How many homes are planned to be built in the community?
  • Will there be a mix of homes styles?  For example, all single-family homes, a mix of townhomes and condos, etc.
  • Where are the entrances to the community located?
  • How many homes have sold (the sold homes should be clearly identified)?
  • When is the builder expected to be finished with the final home?
  • How many building phases have been planned?
  • Identify the visitor parking spaces, especially for condo and townhome communities.
  • What homes and homesites are currently available, and what do these lots back to/ face?
  • Is there a clubhouse or community center, if so, where is it located?
  • Where are the community amenities, such as the swimming pool, tennis courts?
  • Is there an identifiable dog park, open dog run area?

Sometimes a buyer can love the builder or fall in love with an individual floor plan, but dislike the overall site plan.  Perhaps it's a community where parking will be a premium, and your preference is to have more available parking for guests.  Or, you've always wanted to be in a community with a pool and fitness center, and the community doesn't offer those amenities.  Most planned communities in Alexandria VA will have monthly or quarterly association fees, so reviewing the site plan will also give you a bird's eye view of how your dollars will be spent to maintain the grounds and visual appeal of the community.


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