3805 Laramie Place Unit K Now Under Contract
in Alexandria VA 22309



Alexandria VA Condos For Sale - Are you on the hunt for condos for sale in Alexandria VA for less than $200,000? Well, there's one less on the market.  We've just secured a buyer for our listing at 3805 Laramie Place Unit K in popular Sequoyah.

One of the goals of a top Alexandria VA listing agent, is to identify the target buyers for the home. Listed at $165,000, 3805 Laramie Place Unit K is a perfect fit for a first-time home buyer. We offered information on First-Time Buyer Programs including a $5000 Grant and showed buyers how grant funds can be used toward the down payment and closing costs for a home.  Rent prices in Alexandria VA continue to increase, that makes it difficult to save.  With these programs, we are able to help more renters make the transition into home ownership without breaking the bank.

If you are currently renting, click here to see information on Virginia first-time homebuyer programs to see if you qualify.

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